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  1. We're experienced

    We provide life-enhancing dental care solutions in our community. Patients choose us for our proven reputation, expertise, and commitment to using the most up to date techniques and technology.

  2. We put patients first

    Oral health care is a partnership. We take the time to get to know our patients, understand their needs and goals, and create treatment plans tailored to their lifestyles.

  3. We provide comprehensive care

    Our skilled team is trained to not only treat patients but also to identify the root of the cause of symptoms so we can help you get your healthiest smile ever and set you up for great long-term oral health.

  4. We are dependable

    Our compassionate team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care and will ensure you feel comfortable and confident about your care each step of the way.

Jordan E. Teder, DDS


Jordan E. Teder, DDS

Dr. Teder's favorite part of being a dentist is that it allows her to transform people's lives in a positive way. Each day she gets the opportunity to help improve her patients' health and self-esteem. It is immensely rewarding for her to see patients enjoy all of the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile. Outside of dentistry, Dr. Teder enjoys softball, basketball, reading, and spending time with Piper, her Great Dane.

"We are committed to providing quality, compassionate care, and will take the time to understand your unique needs to help you accomplish your dental care goals."


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